Zoning Board of Appeals

The Town of Colonie Zoning Board of Appeals is the body that considers, reviews and decides appeals from decisions of officials charged with the administration and enforcement of the Colonie Land Use Law and Town Law § 280-a. The Zoning Board of Appeals also hears applications for special use permits.

Board Members

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of seven members who are appointed by the Town Board. The current members of the Zoning Board of Appeals are:

  • James Campbell, Chair
  • Mary Nardolillo
  • David Vail
  • Kirk Huang
  • Dave Rosenthal
  • William Carl
  • Nick Viggiani
  • Michael J. Garry, Esq., Legal Counsel
Agenda notice:

The agenda to the Town of Colonie Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting contained on this site is unofficial and provided solely for the website visitor. For questions or concerns regarding this agenda, please contact the Building Department by phone at (518) 783-2706 or email.

Zoning Board Agenda, minutes and Hearings

New Hearing(s)



19-028 21 Massachusetts Avenue - Kisha Arcay
19-029 28 Ledgewood Drive - Anthony Poutre
19-026 4 Elmwood Street - Joe and Dan Griner
19-022 32 Reber Street – Diane L. Darling
19-025 25 Smith Avenue - Paul Steenburg (agent for Melissa Donohue)
19-024 21 Wexford Drive - Michael Palombo, MVP Builders (Agent for John McElvaney)
19-023 2 Omega Terrace - Yoo Intak
19-027 70 Karner Road - Daniel R. Hershberg, PE. & L.S., Hershberg & Hershberg (agent for the Rosenblum Companies)

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