Department of Public Works
Division of Pure Waters

About Pure Waters

Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Pure Waters Division is to protect public health and the environment through the safe, effective and efficient collection, transportation, and treatment of sanitary wastewater in the Town of Colonie.

Our Motto
Safety, Professionalism, Efficiency, Sustainability

Pure Waters is a division of the Department of Public Works and is responsible for the Town of Colonie public sanitary sewer system (contaminated water from toilets, sinks, kitchens, commercial and industrial sources). Questions regarding storm sewers (road, sidewalk, and yard drainage, basement sump pump / footing drains and other sources of uncontaminated water) should be directed to the Division of Highway. Drinking water inquiries should be addressed to the Division of Latham Water. Pure Waters does not operate the public sewers within the Village of Colonie or Village of Menands; please contact those municipalities directly for issues within their systems.

The Division of Pure Waters is comprised of three sections:
Administration Section

The Administration section is responsible for overall management of sewer district assets and resources including legal, regulatory, budget, procurement, and personnel issues. In addition, the Administration section staff complete technical reviews and approvals of individual residential and commercial sewer connections and public sewer extensions, perform sewer installation and repair inspections, and manage all capital projects for the district. The Administration section operates from the Public Operations Center Offices.

Collection Section

The Collection section is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 24,000 building sewer connections within the Town rights-of-way and easements, 383 miles of gravity public sewer mains, 24 miles of pressurized sewer mains, 9,500 manholes, and 30 wastewater pumping stations. Staff are on-call 24 hours per day to respond to collection system emergencies and operate from the Public Operations Center Garage complex.

Treatment Section

The Treatment section is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all physical, chemical, and biological unit processes and facilities at the Town’s 6.0 million gallon per day (MGD) Mohawk View Water Pollution Control Plant. The Treatment section operates from the treatment facility located on Onderdonk Avenue in Latham.


(518) 783-2766, ext. 4
OFF-HOURS / EMERGENCY: (518) 783-2744
Public Operations Center
First Floor
347 Old Niskayuna Road
Latham, NY 12110-2286