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The Town Civil Service Department is pleased to provide information about Town positions.

Current Openings

The following vacancies are open to the general public.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Orally present and argue legal issues with program administrators, other attorneys and parties to legal disputes. Such presentations are designed to convince others of a particular point of view by thorough analysis of cases or statutes, and skilled logical thinking. Although these presentations vary in length and degree of formality, they usually involve detailed legal authority, preparation and formulation of a persuasive argument.
  • Prepare detailed, accurate and convincing legal memoranda accompanied by appropriate citations in support of actions taken by Town officials, boards and employees.
  • Participate in numerous conferences and meetings preparatory to legal and administrative proceedings in order to exchange specific information regarding Town official actions and the legal basis therefore, as well as to advise Town officials regarding the legality of these actions or determinations and may, as appropriate, suggest changes to conform to legal requirements.
  • Provide legal consultation to Town officials on proposed legislation, legality of anticipated decisions, effect of new legislation, etc.
  • Supervise Senior Attorneys and assist in job training, and advise on proper court and law office procedures.
  • Provide legal assistance and support to Town officials at policymaking levels on issues or problems for which there may be little precedent or which may have a major impact on particular Town missions or programs.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Assists in the development, testing, implementation and maintenance of desktop, server and mobile GIS applications and work flows;
  • Documents spatial workflows, procedures, and applications;
  • Assists in the design, construction, management and documentation of GIS datasets;
  • Assists in the management of IT infrastructure that supports the GIS platform;
  • Assists with mapping or analysis needs;
  • Responds to GIS service tickets;
  • Participates in individual project teams to support environmental investigation, remediation, and remediation projects;
  • Generates and updates a variety of maps utilizing ESRI’s ArcGIS Enterprise platforms;
  • Performs GIS data collection;
  • Utilizes GPS to capture data from multiple resources;
  • Generates, updates, and manages various shapefiles and feature layers;
  • Converts, imports and/or exports various file structures into GIS format;
  • Provides support in the development of GIS data models and schemes based on project needs;
  • Creates feature layers and services to create web-enabled geo data to be accessed from the Town’s GIS portal.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Assists the Sewer District Superintendent with administration of the Sewer District operations and provides technical assistance as required;
  • Assists in master planning for sanitary sewer system improvements, expansions and rehabilitation;
  • Manages all technical, administrative and financial aspects of a major public infrastructure expansion and rehabilitation projects;
  • Manages consultants, engineers, architects, and contractors involving collection system and treatment plant modifications, expansions and rehabilitation projects;
  • Performs complex engineering calculations and prepares detailed design drawings for collection system rehabilitation and treatment plant expansion and improvements projects;
  • Negotiates with local, state and federal regulatory authorities and establishes protocols in compliance with regulatory requirements, including modification of regulatory permits;
  • Supervises and performs review of commercial developments and residential subdivision proposals for the extension of, and connection to, the public sanitary system;
  • Assists in the development of standards and specifications, procedures, protocols and policies concerning district operations and regulations;
  • Responsible for assessing customers’ needs and assists in improving customer service and relations;
  • establishes programs related to these needs;
  • Analyzes collection and treatment systems for operational efficiency and prepares recommendations to the Superintendent to increase efficiency and performance;
  • Develops specifications for procurement of goods and services including preparation of bid proposals, negotiations with bidders and recommendation of bid awards;
  • Manages the Geographic Information System (GIS) development and management; including sewer collection system asset inventory and preventative maintenance programs;
  • Maintains technical materials and assists with technical research and guidelines on current issues;
  • Participates in union negotiations as required and administers collective bargaining agreements;
  • Responds to emergencies during and after normal work hours.
How to Apply for Employment

To submit an application for employment with the Town of Colonie, follow the steps below:

  • Obtain a Civil Service Application for Employment or Examination. Applications are also available at our office or online using our Application for Employment or Examination form.
  • Complete all sections of the application in detail, even if you elect to attach a resumé to your application form.
  • Review residency requirements as listed in each job announcement.
  • An original signature is required on all applications.
  • Submit your application with the appropriate filing fee in-person, by mail, or by online credit card payment.
    • If you submit your payment in-person or by mail, we only accept checks or money orders which must be made payable to the Town of Colonie Civil Service.
    • To submit your payment online, visit our EZPAYNET Online Portal. Note that if you use the online credit card payment, you will be responsible for the processing fee in addition to the exam fee.
  • Additional forms (i.e. Cross-Filing form, Veteran's Credit application, Change of Address form, etc.) are available at the Document Center.
Keep in mind:

If you are applying for a specific opening or civil service exam, ensure that your application and appropriate filing fee are received by our department no later than 4:30pm on the last filing date or postmarked by the United States Postal Service one day prior to the last filing date for an examination.

All forms must be legible (printed neatly or typewritten).


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