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Employment Information

The Town Civil Service Department is pleased to provide information about Town positions.

Current Openings

The following vacancies are open to the general public and do not require a civil service examination.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Maintains employee roster records, reported personnel change forms, employment and examination applications, eligible lists;
  • Assists the staff in reviewing payroll certification for accuracy in the entries of wages and titles;
  • Participates with other departments in sharing the necessary information needed to fill vacancies;
  • Maintains computer records and application of information into the proper computer programs;
  • Answers routine questions that pertain to an application for employment or announcement that pertains to a civil service position;
  • Responds to both employees and supervisors when they request information;
  • Performs filing and opening of mail;
  • Prepares correspondence, type’s letters, memorandums, notifications, exam announcements, canvass letters and other assorted communication and record keeping;
  • Performs the copying and distribution of exam announcements;
  • Assists in the monitoring of civil service exams;
  • Compiles data used for reporting to NYS Civil Service;
  • Assists in maintaining the classification system.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Directs traffic at crosswalks near school;
  • Assists children crossing street;
  • Slows down traffic in school zone;
  • Instructs younger children concerning proper place and precautions to be taken when crossing street.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Performs legal research and gathers information involving the Town;
  • Writes abstracts, summaries and reports;
  • Assists in preparing standard forms, instruments, documents, drafts of legal opinions, pleadings, memoranda, etc;
  • Communicates in person and by telephone with judges, police officials, and other individuals to obtain or dispense information;
  • Conducts Real Property Activities:
  • Establishes and maintains files pertaining to subdivisions in Town;
  • Researches ownership and correct coding of location;
  • Calculates filing and recording fees;
  • Contacts County offices to file and record required maps, forms, and other real property documents;
  • Researches easements or deeds to confirm descriptions, validity, and correct errors if identified;
  • Acts to correct maps or real property documents if errors are found;
  • Prepares all required legal documents to correctly file easements, deeds, maps and other real property documents;
  • Initiates preliminary discussions with attorneys or other parties involved with real property transactions;
  • Conducts preliminary preparation of documents associated with real estate transactions including sales contracts, purchase contracts, notes and mortgages, for review by attorneys;
  • Analyzes deed descriptions for errors and plot such descriptions;
  • Composes and types written correspondence as may be required by the work;
  • May conduct field investigation in the conduct of assignments;
  • Performs miscellaneous clerical tasks such as filing or recordkeeping as may be necessary.
Summer / Seasonal Employment

The Civil Service department is currently accepting applications for Summer / Seasonal vacancies. To be considered, visit our office to submit an application or mail it in.

To apply for this position, please download the Civil Service Application from our website. Applications are also available at our office.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Vendor attendance during the hours of the Farmers Market;
  • Collect and record stall fees;
  • Set up market and parking signage;
  • Maintain market grounds;
  • Responsible for stall assignments, weekly maps and any substitutions;
  • Enforce all State, County and park Farmers Market rules and regulations;
  • Respond to questions from vendors and public regarding the market;
  • Responsible to resolve any disputes involving the vendors;
  • Acts as a liaison between the Farmers Market Committee and the farmers;
  • Provides to the committee accounting and performance reports;
  • Review the market area at business end for cleanliness;
  • Designate locations for clowns, musicians and acts;
  • Completes and signs Farmers Market Nutrition Program forms;
  • Carries a town authorized cell phone during working hours;
  • Keeps all necessary records.
  • Responsible for working the Farmers Market table
How to Apply for Employment

To submit an application for employment with the Town of Colonie, follow the steps below:

  • Obtain a Civil Service Application for Employment or Examination. Applications are also available at our office.
  • Complete all sections of the application in detail, even if you elect to attach a resumé to your application form.
  • Review residency requirements as listed in each job announcement.
  • An original signature is required on all applications. No digital signature will be accepted.
  • Submit your application with the appropriate filing fee in-person or by mail to our office. We only accept checks or money orders which must be made payable to the Town of Colonie.
  • Additional forms (i.e. Cross-Filing form, Veteran's Credit application, Change of Address form, etc.) are available at the Document Center.
Keep in mind:

If you are applying for a specific opening or civil service exam, ensure that your application and appropriate filing fee are received by our department no later than 4:30pm on the last filing date or postmarked by the United States Postal Service one day prior to the last filing date for an examination.

All forms must be legible (printed neatly or typewritten).


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