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The Division is responsible for planning, development and operation of our Town Solid Waste Management program. It is our goal to provide the solid waste management facilities that are necessary for the stable management of the solid wastes generated within the town, while providing a high level of protection for the public health and environment and at a cost efficient price. The wide range of the Town's Solid Waste facilities that have been developed over the past eighteen years have positioned the Town to effectively manage the diverse nature of the solid waste materials. We've received inquires from our residents and businesses in regard to different solid waste management issues and have developed and implemented programs to address these issues where possible.

The success of our Solid Waste programs, facilities and operations would not be possible without the thirty-two dedicated, skilled and motivated staff who work in the Division. Our staff undertake the difficult work of making sure that the solid wastes that are accepted are properly managed within our solid waste facility, monitor the nature of the wastes that are presented at the facility to assure that they are acceptable for management here and conversely that materials that are not acceptable for management here are rejected and removed from the site.

We try to make the residents and businesses waste disposal experience as convenient and smooth as possible. Our overall philosophy is to divert as many waste materials into the Towns recycling or reuse programs and away from requiring landfill disposal; to maintain the highest possible level of protection for our environment and public health; and to always strive to improve or expand our customer services.

With the initiation of the operation of the first phase of the new Landfill Area #6, in October 2004, we have approximately 15 years of remaining landfill disposal capacity at the current rate of waste acceptance. The Town has undertaken a planning project to determine how the existing Town solid waste management system needs to evolve to assure stable, environmentally sound and cost competitive waste disposal capacity for the Town residents and businesses well beyond our 15 year life. We see this as not an end but as an opportunity to now look at how our existing capacity consumption can be minimized and to begin taking the steps necessary for development of alternative solid waste management systems to take us beyond our current fifteen year life that is projected.

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What are the operating hours at the Town Solid Waste Management Facilities?
The Landfill Yard Waste Compost, Residential Recycling Station and Residential Waste Transfer Station hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Saturday hours are as follows: June through September 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; October through May 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The Division office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

2. What materials are not taken at the Landfill?

The Landfill does not take anything with asbestos in it, any medical materials, any radioactive materials, any reactive materials, anything in liquid form (with the exception of oil and antifreeze for recycling, from residents only) car and light tires (only from residents) and hazardous materials or hazardous wastes.

3. Does the Landfill take old tires?
The Town's Residential Recycle Station takes up to eight car or light truck tires from residents at one time, with or without the rims.

4. Does the Landfill take any household hazardous wastes?
No, the Landfill does not take household hazardous wastes for disposal. The Town will undertake three Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off Days at our Residential Waste Transfer Station for collection of Residential Household Hazardous Wastes in 2016. The Waste Transfer Station is located at the Division Solid Waste Management Facility at 1319 Loudon Road (NYS Route 9), Cohoes , New York . This year the residents must call


to pre-register for one of three days when residents can bring their residential household hazardous wastes into the Town Solid Waste Management Facility Site where the Town's Hazardous Waste Collection Contractor, Care Environmental will accept the materials for proper off-site disposal. Proof of Town residency will be required at the time of delivery of the household hazardous wastes for acceptance in the Town's Program. The dates for 2016 are posted on the flyer in the links at the top of the page.

Town of Colonie Landfill Unacceptable Waste Disposal List

5. Does the Town recycle old telephone books?
Yes, Residents can recycle old telephone books with the old newspapers.

6. Does the Town take burnt out fluorescent bulbs?
Yes, Town residents can recycle their fluorescent bulbs at the Residential Waste Transfer Station.

7. Does the Town provide a service to residents to pick up old furniture and large items which the haulers will not pick up weekly?
No, the Town does not provide those services. A resident would have to contact a company or contact a hauler for that service. The Town does have a small (6-8 cubic yard) roll off container system for residents to dispose of select wastes from their residents. This program is administered through the Town Department of Public Works, Division of Highways.

The Village of Colonie and Village of Menands provide waste and recyclables collection for the residents within the villages. Questions regarding the collection of waste or recyclable materials should be directed to the Village's Department of Public Works.

8. Does the Town have a program for discarding useable clothes?
Yes, the Division is working with the Salvation Army and has a drop off box located on the division site near the toll booth. Clothes must be clean and in good wearable condition.

9. What items are considered recyclable at the Residential Recycling Drop Off Station?
The Residential Recycling Station recycles tires, automotive waste oil, automotive antifreeze, car batteries (lead-acid), household rechargeable batteries, phone books, newspapers, plastic (1 - 7), glass (clear,green and amber), tin cans, corrugated cardboard, magazines, junk mail, office paper, boxboard (cereal boxes, shoe boxes) metal appliances, bulk metals and soft cover books, styrofoam packing peanuts, and eye glasses.

Recyclable materials should be presented separately in a clean, dry condition and should not be contaminated by extraneous other materials or wastes.

10. What items are considered recyclable at the curb?
Items that are picked up curbside for recycling are: plastic containers, glass containers, tin cans, telephone books, newspapers, corrugated cardboard, and license plates. The conditions for preparing the recyclables and the frequency of collection are determined by the Waste and Recyclable Materials Collection Companies who a business or resident may select or hire.

11. Why don't all of the haulers recycle the way the Town requires residents to recycle?
The haulers are not required to come to the Colonie Solid Waste Management Facilities. There are other facilities where they can take their trucks.

12. Do residents need a permit to use the Landfill or transfer station?
Yes, all residents should have a green sticker which is placed in their vehicle window if they are going to use the Landfill or transfer station repeatedly. The sticker is issued for a specific vehicle and there is no charge for the sticker.

13. Where can a resident obtain a green sticker?
Stickers are available at the Town Clerk's office located at the Town Hall across from Siena College on Route 9 or at the toll booth at the Residential entrance. A resident has to show proof of residency by way of a drivers license or town bill in order to obtain a sticker.

14. Can non-residents use the Colonie Landfill?
Yes, residents from other municipalities may use the Towns Solid Waste Management Facilities, but they can not bring in kitchen garbage.

15. Does the Landfill accept contaminated soil?
Yes, but certain guidelines have to be followed and a form has to be filled out pertaining to the contaminated soil. The Director of the Division or the Engineering Section Supervisor then has to approve each application.

16. Do businesses need licenses to use the Landfill?
Yes, if a business uses the Landfill or if a business transports solid waste from the Town, they need to fill out a hauler license which is kept on file at the Division. If a company wants to be billed, a credit application will also need to be filled out and approved by the Town Comptroller's Office; otherwise, cash or checks are accepted on the date of usage. If the company that is located outside of the Town and does not collect solid waste from within the town, they may pay with check or cash on the date.

17. Does the Division give educational tours of the Town's Solid Waste and Recycling Facilities?
Yes, the Division Staff gives tours by appointment. Annually, we conduct tours for Pre-school children through Graduate School level Students. We also provide information and assistance to local High School Students with their environmental essay assignment.

18. Should the cardboard and newspapers be clean and dry for recycling?
Yes, all cardboard and newspapers have to be clean and dry. If precipitation is likely, we recommend storing your paper and cardboard recyclables to the next collection date.

19. How long will the Town Landfill capacity last?
The current Landfill area will have capacity for waste disposal for three to four years and the future landfill areas will have approximately seven to eight additional years. This projected life is dependent upon the rate of acceptance of wastes per year. The Town has undertaken to balance the acceptance of waste and the rate of consumption of landfill space to conserve the landfill space and provide environmentally sound and economical, local waste disposal capacity for the long term.

20. Can the yard waste compost which is available from the town be used for vegetable gardens?

No, it is not suitable for vegetable gardening, but can be used for landscaping and general gardening.

21. When can compost be obtained?
Compost can be obtained at the landfill Monday - Saturday, anytime the facility is open. Staff is only available Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

22. Why are there so many gulls at the landfill?
The gulls are attracted to the site due to the food that is available in the wastes. Their presence causes health concerns for our workers and can pose concerns for aircraft. When there is a problem with the gulls, the Division staff and/or Department of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife Division annoy the birds to cause them to leave the area.

23. Why doesn't the Town recycle more?
The Division Technical staff are continuously evaluating the viability of additional markets for recycling or reuse of wastes materials currently not separated for recycling to divert the maximum quantity of materials from requiring disposal within the Town Landfill.
When new recyclable materials markets are identified, and are determined to be stable in the future, additional materials can be added into the recycling program. The Town currently accepts twenty one different recyclable materials at the Residential Refuse and Recycling Station and Materials Recovery Facility. These materials are as follows:
" Newspapers
" Corrugated Cardboard
" Paper Egg Cartons "
" Metal Containers - Tin Cans

" Plastic Containers - SPI Codes # 1 - 7
" Glass Containers - All colors
" Direct Marketing Materials - Junk Mail
" Telephone Books
" Boxboard (cereal boxes, shoe boxes)
" Used Automotive Oil
" Used Automotive Antifreeze
" Used Automotive Batteries
" Automotive and Light Truck Tires
" Household Rechargeable Batteries
" Styrofoam Packing Peanuts
" Bulk Metal Appliances
" Soft Cover Books
" Propane Tanks
" Eye Glasses
" Cellular Telephones
" Computer/electronic components
" Televisions

The Town is required to periodically solicit for new recycling markets which can cause modification of the types of recyclable materials we can accept.

24. Which waste collection companies are licensed to collect residential or commercial recyclable materials and wastes within the Town and use the Town Solid Waste Facilities?
The Division of Environmental Services maintains a list of waste collection companies who maintain a license to collect recyclable materials and wastes within the Town and who use the Town Solid Waste Facilities. Click here to view the list of licensed companies.

25. Can the Town accept computer and television electronics for recycling?
The Town of Colonie Department of Public Works will, as a convenience to Town residents, accept electronic equipment for recycling at the Town Landfill Residential Recycling Station during normal operating hours (Monday - Friday 7AM - 3PM and Saturdays 7 AM - 12 noon during Winter Hours (October - May) or  Saturdays 7 AM - 2 PM during Summer Hours (June-September).  The landfill will not accept electronic equipment from non-residents.

Household electronic items that are accepted for recycling at no charge include computers, keyboards, printers, mice, scanners, VCRs, DVRs, digital music players, converter boxes, receivers and video game consoles.  Monitors, televisions and larger projection type televisions are accepted from Town Residents for a charge according to the following schedule:

Computer monitors, $10.00 fee
TV’s up to 50”, $15.00 fee
Projection type TV’s and TV’s larger than 50”, $25 fee
All other electronics, No Charge

Household appliances are not covered by Electronic Recycling and Reuse Act but are accepted for recycling at the Landfill Residential Recycling Station at the posted rates.

26. When should I put my leaf and yard waste out for pick-up?
The Town recommends placing the bags and barrels out at the curb the night before your scheduled day of collection. This will insure that they are out sufficiently in advance of the Private Contractor who picks up the materials. It is very important that the bags and barrels are out the night before so that the contractor won't miss collecting your materials when they start each days route in the early morning.

We do not recommend placing the bags and barrels at the curb before the night before your regular collection day due to the possibility of the bags or barrels being broken open or dumped out by vandals, being inadvertently hit by an errant vehicle, having the leaf or yard wastes beginning to decompose and becoming mal-odorous or becoming excessively heavy due to saturation in the rain.


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Town Application for a License to Collect Solid Waste

Any person, firm of corporation wishing to engage in the business of collection, removal, transportation, disposal or processing of wastes or recyclable materials from within the Town of Colonie is required to obtain a license from the Town prior to undertaking these activities. The license is issued on a two year basis and shall expire and must be renewed before the first day of January following the last year of the license. Currently there is a charge of $500 for the license and $100 for each vehicle. A copy of the application for a license to collect solid waste may be downloaded and upon completion of the form, any party interested in obtaining a license must submit an original signed copy of the application form to the Town of Colonie, Department of Public Works, Division of Environmental Services, 1319 Loudon Road, Cohoes, New York 12047. The license requires the identification of basic information regarding the name and address of the applicant, business address, number and description of vehicles to be used, areas within the Town to be serviced by the company, type and projected quantity of materials to be collected and a list of all the facilities that the applicant proposes to transport solid wastes for processing or disposal.
Click here to view the Application for Solid Waste Collection License

Town Industrial/Petroleum Waste Tracking & Profile Forms

Any person, firm of corporation wishing to dispose of industrial wastes or petroleum containing soils in the Town of Colonie Sanitary Landfill are required to obtain approval from the Town prior to undertaking these activities. The approval is issued on a calendar year basis and shall expire and must be renewed before the first day of January of each year. Currently there is no charge for the review and approval process. A copy of the Industrial/Petroleum Waste Tracking & Profile may be downloaded and upon completion of the form, any party interested in obtaining the approval to dispose of an industrial waste or Petroleum containing soils must submit an original signed copy of the Waste Tracking and Profile form to the Town of Colonie, Department of Public Works, Division of Environmental Services, 1319 Loudon Road, Cohoes, New York 12047. The license requires the identification of basic information regarding the name and address of the applicant, business address, chemical and physical characteristics of the wastes, description of vehicles to be used, name, address and contact person of waste generation, location at which the waste was generated, projected quantity of materials to be collected and a certification that the material is a non-hazardous solid waste. The Town reserves the right to reject any waste material that is determined unacceptable by the Town for any reason.
Click here to view the Town Industrial/Petroleum Waste Tracking & Profile Forms

Note: The forms listed above are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not already have this application, you can click the logo to the right to download the program -- there is no charge for it.

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Colonie Curbside Collection Begins

Colonie’s free 2015 yard waste collection service will begin Monday April 13.  As in the past, regularly scheduled weekly curbside collection will be by fire district, as follows: Monday, Midway/Stanford Heights; Tuesday, Shaker Road/Loudonville; Wednesday, Latham/Schuyler Heights; Thursday, Verdoy/Boght/Maplewood; and Friday, Fuller Road/West Albany.  Regular weekly service will continue through November 6.  After November 6, the Town will continue to pick up yard waste, but not on the regular weekly schedule. Collection will continue through December 11, weather permitting. Call 783-LEAF for more information.

Leaf Bags can be purchased at supermarkets, hardware stores and home centers.

The program can accept lawn clippings, leaves, plant organic matter, branches and light brush up to 3" in diameter and 4' in length, tied with string in manageable bundles or biodegradable paper bags. The program cannot accept rocks, sod, garbage, non-organic materials, plastic bags, cardboard, treated wood or construction debris. We ask that you only put acceptable materials into the leaf bags or rigid containers. Any unacceptable materials could contaminate the compost product that we provide the residents each year.
Please call 783-LEAF for more information.

*NOTE: It is no longer necessary to identify reusable containers with stickers purchased from the Town.

Weekly collection of yard wastes based upon each fire district:
Monday - Midway & Stanford Heights
Tuesday - Shaker Road/Loudonville
Wednesday - Latham & Schuyler Heights
Thursday - Boght, Verdoy & Maplewood
Friday - Fuller Road/West Albany

If you have any questions regarding what are acceptable yard waste materials that can be accepted in the composting program, how to prepare your yard wastes, what day your yard waste materials are scheduled for collection, you should contact the Division of Environmental Services at 783-LEAF.

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How to Contact the Division of Environmental Services

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