Department of Public Works
Division of Pure Waters

Obtain A Sewer Permit


A sewer permit is required in order to uncover, make any connections with or opening into, use, alter or disturb any public or private building sewer or appurtenance. (A Building Sewer is exterior drainage pipe beginning at a point 30 inches in developed length of pipe beyond the exterior wall of a building and extending to the public sewer.)

Sewer permits are required for work such as:

  • Installing a new sewer pipe for a new home whether in the roadway or on private property
  • Relocating a sewer pipe in connection with a building addition or other work on private property
  • Adding a new branch line to an existing sewer pipe on private property
  • Repairing an existing sewer pipe in the same location, including trenchless methods
  • Disconnecting a sewer pipe prior to building demolition

A sewer permit is typically not required for work on the building drain; however, a Building Permit may be necessary. (The Building Drain is the lowest piping of a drainage system within a building and extends to 30 inches in developed length beyond the exterior wall. The building drain conveys wastewater to the building sewer.)



A drawing must accompany all permit applications except for the following situations:

  • Repair of an existing pipe in the same location
  • Disconnection of an existing sewer pipe prior to building demolition
  • Installations where the drawing review was completed through the Planning and Economic Development Department Major or Minor Site Plan Review Process

Drawings typically do not require an engineer, architect, or surveyor’s professional stamp; however, all drawing must comply with the following minimum requirements and additional information may be necessary in order to complete our review:

For a sewer project where all work is on private property only:

  • Location, pipe diameter, pipe type, and pipe class of existing building sewer
  • Location of other existing or proposed utilities
  • Elevation (depth) of existing building sewer at proposed connection point
  • Elevation of existing ground at proposed connection point
  • Location, length, pipe diameter, pipe type, pipe class, pipe slope for proposed sewer
  • Elevation of building foundation at building drain connection (if addition or new construction)
  • Elevation of proposed building sewer/drain connection at foundation
  • Location of outside cleanout (if addition or new construction)
  • Any details necessary for sewer installation

For a sewer project where any work occurs within the right-of-way:

  • All items above, plus profile drawing including topography along entire pipe route and depth of all utility crossings
  • Estimated limits of pavement disturbance
  • Field surveyed inverts of upstream and downstream manhole pipe elevations
  • Pipe diameter, pipe type, pipe class, and calculated pipe slope for mainline sewer
  • Detail for connection of new building sewer to existing sewer main
Commercial Projects Only:

Please note that architectural floor and plumbing plans depicting interior building piping and all sanitary fixtures are also required for any commercial property.

Please contact our office for record information and/or technical assistance with drawing preparation. We are unable to prepare drawings for you, but are here to assist with pre-application review and guidance.



Any person performing work in connection with a building sewer must provide insurance certificates as follows:

  • General Liability Insurance with Bodily Injury minimum $500,000 each person
  • General Liability Insurance with Bodily Injury minimum $1,000,000 each incident
  • General Liability Insurance with Property Damage minimum $100,000
  • “Town of Colonie additional insured” written in comments section of certificate
  • Workers Compensation insurance (Form C-105.2) or exemption

Any deviations from the above (particularly in the comments section including variations of additional insured language or limitations on duration or work location) may result in delay or insurance being rejected. We are happy to conduct pre-application insurance review; please contact our office.



Complete the Sewer Permit Application ensuring you supply:

  • the actual LEGAL address for the current parcel (which is not necessarily the mailing address), include an alias if known by a different number/name or if a commercial business name is applicable (if unsure of the legal address, it can be found at Geographic Information Systems (GIS). )
  • the date that you sign the application
  • all name, address, phone, and e-mail contact information for each column
  • a signature by the applicant named in the first column
  • all information in legible form


A complete application package includes:

  • Drawing(s) as required
  • General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance Certificates
  • Application

Applications will be accepted by e-mail, USPS, or courier. Large commercial projects may be required to submit drawings in paper form. Please contact our office in advance of submitting applications for commercial projects.



Our staff will contact you (preferably via e-mail) after we review your application and calculate any required permit fees.

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to accept electronic payments at this time. Permit fees may be submitted in the form of cash or a check made payable to “Town of Colonie.” Checks will be accepted by USPS or courier. Cash transactions should be conducted in person.

Note: If any work will be performed within the State, County, or Town right-of-way, a copy of the applicable Highway Work Permit must be submitted along with your permit fee.

After receipt of payment (and Highway Work Permit if applicable), we will e-mail your permit to you. If you require a paper version of the permit, it will be made available for pick-up upon request. Pure Waters will automatically authorize any associated Building Permit Application upon issuance of a sewer permit.