Department of Public Works
Division of Pure Waters

Commercial Sewer Connection Requirements
  1. Plans:
    The following plans need to be submitted for review prior to issuance of a sanitary sewer connection permit:
    • Site Plan
    • Floor Plan
    • Mechanical/Equipment Layout Plan with Equipment Schedule
    • Plumbing Plan with Fixture and Drain Size Schedule
  2. Sewer Elevations (USGS):
    The site plan should show proposed finish floor elevation, proposed invert of building drain where it exits the foundation, manhole inverts and the invert of the existing sanitary sewer at the proposed connection point.
  3. Materials:
    The site plan should show type, size and class of pipe to be used for the building sewer. Exterior grease interceptors, manholes, intermediate cleanouts and grinder pumps should be shown on site plan.
  4. Sewer Lateral Profile:
    Proposed sanitary sewer lateral should be shown in profile. The profile should include proposed invert elevation at foundation and at connection to existing sewer; pipe size, type, class and percent of grade; any crossing utility; existing grade and proposed finish grade; any intermediate cleanouts.
  5. Sewer Lateral Routing:
    The site plan should show the proposed routing of the building lateral. All proposed connections to existing manholes, bends, intermediate cleanouts, manholes, existing utilities, significant trees, fences, signs, etc. should be shown on the plan and labeled accordingly.
  6. Sewer Details:
    Proposed cut-in-wye, insertion manhole, grease/oil interceptor, intermediate cleanout, trench detail, grinder pump installation, and specialty items must be shown in a detail and properly labeled.
  7. Proposed Sewer Usage:
    Proposed sewer discharge design flow and estimated water consumption should be shown on plan in note form or in the project narrative.
  8. Chemical Usage/Storage:
    Any significant chemicals to be stored or used on the site should be identified and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) submitted with plans for review.


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