Department of Public Works
Division of Pure Waters

Commercial Grinder Pump Requirements
  1. A duplex pump system must be designed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Request for a single pump installation must be in writing to the department for review and approval.
  2. The pump control panel must include an alarm circuit with an audible horn, warning light and reset button. A non-resettable elapsed hour meter must be installed for each pump to record pump run time. Simplex pump units will not require hour meter installation.
  3. All electrical wiring for pump installation shall conform to applicable code requirements and manufacturers recommended procedures.
  4. Sizing of pump discharge piping is the responsibility of the design engineer or pump manufacturer. For 1¼" discharge piping, pipe type shall be PVC Schedule 40 or 80, or PVC SDR 21 using PVC rubber gasketed compression couplings. For 1½" pipe and larger, pipe type shall be PVC SDR 21 with rubber gasketed bell and spigot. Pump design specifications along with discharge pipe sizing must be submitted for our review.
  5. Discharge piping shall be installed with a minimum of 48" cover to prevent freezing. Suitable bedding and backfill material shall be placed to a minimum of 12" above crown of pipe. A single #12 gauge insulated tracer wire, continuous length, shall be installed with the pipe and terminated above grade at the pump control panel for future use in locating the pipe.
  6. Where bends are required, PVC Schedule 80 socket type bends are to be used. Bends should be glued to barrel of pipe outside of trench. 90° Bends are not acceptable. Two 45° bends with 2 foot nipple are to be used to make 90° turn. For pipe larger than 2", mechanical joint DIP or rubber gasketed PVC fittings should be utilized.
  7. Connection to existing manhole structure shall be core and seal boot type.
  8. Burial tape stating "Caution Buried Sewer Below" is to be installed 18"± below finish grade in pipe trench line.
  9. A hydrostatic (water) test must be performed on installed force main pipe prior to pump connection. Pipe shall be tested at 100 psi and witnessed by Division of Pure Waters inspector.
  10. A cast iron double hand hole trap, fresh air inlet and outside cleanout shall be installed on the building drain piping prior to the pump.
  11. Prior to final approval of the grinder pump installation, the following documentation must be submitted to the Pure Waters Office:
    • For existing structures (not new construction), a copy of the UL inspection for all electrical work associated with the pump installation. Copy of UL inspection not required for new construction.
    • Documentation by a pump manufacturer representative that the grinder pump was installed in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements and that the system was startup tested with verification of proper alarm activation.


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