About Colonie Police Department

Chief Jonathan M. Teale


Chief Jonathan M. Teale

I would like to welcome you to the Colonie Police Department's informational website. Colonie is the largest suburb of the City of Albany, which is the state capital. We have been a New York State Accredited Agency since 1994 and currently have 115 sworn officers that are supported by 51 full and part time civilian employees. The Colonie Police Department is a full service police department that serves our community of 83,000 residents.

It is our goal to provide the best service possible for our residents, as well as the public at large, utilizing modern and proactive policing. We interact with the public daily in positive ways to foster police-community relations. Our members are dedicated to upholding exemplary professional standards in the field of public safety and continually train to provide the best service we can. I encourage you to explore our website and get acquainted with what the Colonie Police Department has to offer.

Chief Jonathan M. Teale

Department Overview

Today there are 115 sworn officers and approximately 51 support personnel and over 60 vehicles in the police fleet. A state of the art E-911 communication center with computer-aided dispatch has replaced the light outside of the old Town Hall.

The Police Department is structured into two main divisions. The Field Operations Division includes Patrol, Investigations and Traffic Safety. The Administrative Services Division provides support functions that include Communications, Records, Training, Personnel, Community Services and Animal Control.

Our History

The Colonie Police Department is a New York State accredited, full-service police agency serving the Town of Colonie, New York.

The Colonie Police Department was formed by a Town Board resolution on January 2, 1934. This resolution authorized the Police Department to hire a Chief and two Patrolmen. The first official police vehicle was purchased in 1939 and because there were no radios, officers had to drive by Town Hall to check for calls. A light on the outside of the building would indicate that officers should come in to receive the call information.

Part-time officers began to cover the night shift in 1947. In 1955 Colonie officers gave up britches, leather boots and jackets for a police uniform more like we see today.

Our Mission

The mission of the Colonie Police Department is to interact with all citizens with dignity, honor and respect; to preserve life; to protect and maintain human and constitutional rights; to protect property; and to promote individual responsibility and community commitment to high quality standards of living.

The Colonie Police Department will perform this mission in partnership with the community it serves. The Police Department will foster and promote mutual education, respect, and problem solving with the community. All members of the Police Department have been empowered to be an agent for this partnership and the positive interaction it will bring.


All Colonie Police Department uniform officers have a rank designation that fits within a hierarchy of leadership. There are six different ranks in total.

  • Patrolman
  • Investigator
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Deputy Chief
  • Chief of Police