Town of Colonie - Senior Resources

Towers of Colonie Silver Streakers, Inc.
420 Sandcreek Road
Albany, NY 12205
Ralph Della Rocca (518) 542-1807

Schedule of Activities

The Towers of Colonie Silver Streakers, Inc. is a senior club of about 255 members. Many of the members already know each other because the majority of the members live at the Towers and find it easy to attend the monthly meetings and events.
They meet the first Monday of the month at 1 p.m. At these meetings you have an opportunity to listen to some interesting and educational speakers. The Silver Streakers also host fun socials each month, which many members look forward to, because for some, it is their only means of recreation. Associate members also enjoy attending the meetings and socials.

Activities of the Silver Streakers include a bocci club on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. during the summer and a group who crochet and knit lap robes, etc. for the nursing homes and children. During the summer there is also an exercise class in the pool at the Towers. The instructor meets with the seniors on Friday mornings an hour before the pool opens at 10 a.m.. Many of theses seniors are from other clubs in the Town and they really enjoy coming here for this event.


Ralph Della Rocca