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Traffic Safety Unit

Patrol CarThe Traffic Safety Unit, as a component of the Patrol Division, is comprised of four uniformed investigators, one sergeant and one lieutenant who are specially trained in several areas of traffic services including, but not limited to traffic enforcement, crash investigation and reconstruction, motor carrier safety regulations and hazardous materials incident management. This unit has the responsibility of investigating all collisions involving a fatality, life threatening physical injury or crashes involving Town owned vehicles. In addition, they collect and analyze crash and enforcement data, then develop and implement countermeasure programs that address identified highway safety problems. These investigators respond to the community’s concerns involving traffic issues that include complaints of traffic volume, signage and vehicle traffic violations. This unit supports and assists the efforts of the Town of Colonie’s Highway Safety Committee.

Members of this unit are also responsible for maintenance and calibration of all of the department’s speed measuring devices and breath testing instruments. The Traffic Safety Unit also utilizes the Electronic Total Work Station. This computerized mapping instrument is an invaluable tool in precisely documenting a crime or crash scene.

In addition to daily activities, a member of the Traffic Unit is on-call 7 days per week in the event that the skills of a trained accident expert are needed.