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SST PatchThe Colonie Police Department Special Services Team is trained to be proficient in the use of tactical techniques and operations that are designed to terminate armed confrontations with the minimum use of force.

The Special Service Team consists of 18 members of the Police Department. In addition to that there is an Incident Commander and a Tactical Commander. There is one team leader, two assistant team leaders, and two long rifle teams. There are also 4 Hostage Negotiator who come under the command of the Incident Commander and work in conjunction with the tactical team. Members of the team are on call 24 hours of the day and work regular assignments in Patrol, Detectives, Narcotics, Community Relations and Training. The Team is used for high-risk warrant services, barricaded suspects, hostage situations, high risk suicidal persons, sniper incidents and dignitary, VIP protection. Volunteer team members also provide Honor Guard details for the Police Department.

All members of the team must go through a physical agility test, a marksmanship course and a oral board. All members go through a two-week basic course for tactical officers. Each member then trains 16 hours per month or more. Selected members also go through additional training in such areas as firearms, defensive tactics, chemical agents, diversionary devices and less lethal munitions.