Town of Colonie Golf Course
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Golf Lessons

Golf lessons are provided by a variety of PGA Professionals who utilize our facilities.   Instruction is provided at the Town of Colonie Golf Course in a variety of settings including the multi-use practice range, a large practice green with a variety of slopes, and a beautiful 36 hole championship golf course which can be utilized for playing lessons.  Information and appointments can be obtained by contacting the instructors directly.  A few PGA instructors who are regulars on our range include: 

Tim Podeswa, PGA-                18 Year PGA Member, 641-8870,

Matt Bogdanowicz, PGA-        2005 Methodist University PGA/PGM Graduate

Noel Gebauer, PGA-               2009 NENYPGA Golf Professional of the Year
                                                2003 NENYPGA Teacher of the Year


The Golf Shop at the Town of Colonie Golf Course

The Golf Shop at the Town of Colonie Golf Course is a golf shop providing many golf products and services to men and women of all ages and handicap levels.  Many brands of golf merchandise are offered at a range of prices to fit every golfer’s needs. 

USGA Handicapping

Any golfer may sign up to have their official USGA Handicap kept at the Golf Shop.  A computer terminal in the shop gives golfers the ability to post their scores to the internationally recognized USGA GHIN system.  By signing up at the Golf Shop, a golfer will receive a USGA GHIN number which will allow them to post scores directly from any golf shop which is connected to the system.  Handicaps are updated every two weeks by the USGA, and cards may be printed out in the Golf Shop.  Players’ handicaps can also be accessed through  The 2013 fee for annual membership is $20 per player.


Staff Bios:

Noel Gebauer- PGA Head Professional

Noel Gebauer- PGA Head Professional

Noel Gebauer has returned to the Town of Colonie Golf Course in 2007 after thirteen years serving Capital Region golfers at three different area clubs. Following Noel's three years as Assistant Professional at the Town of Colonie Golf Course , he served as Assistant Professional at Western Turnpike Golf Course is Guilderland and Schulyer Meadows Club in Loudonville before being named the Head Professional at Normanside Country Club in Delmar in 2004. Many regulars at the Town of Colonie Golf Course may remember Noel as a shop attendant at the course during the years he was finishing up at Colonie High School (Class of '88) and attending the School of Business at the University at Albany (Class of '93).

Noel gained Class A membership in the PGA of America in 1996. He followed that up with a few Section Awards, being named the Northeastern New York PGA Teacher of the Year in 2003 and winning the NENYPGA's Horton Smith Award in both 2004 and 2005. Noel was also named one of America 's Top Teachers in 2005 by Golf Magazine and most recently was selected as the 2009 NENYPGA Golf Professional of the Year by his peers. Noel has also found time to serve on the NENYPGA Board of Directors since 2001 and was elected President of the Section in 2006. He is married to wife Betty and has three children; Max, Emma, and Haley.


Noel’s Tip of the Month


Life in the Great Northeast makes an October golf experience quite interesting given the fact the weather on any given day could resemble a summer day, a winter day, or have elements of both occur within a matter of hours.  There are a few common playability factors that will come into play on most autumn days affecting your golf scores.  Here are some tips on how to handle them:

Heavy Dew:  Most fall mornings involve heavy dew on the ground, if not melting frost.  Wet conditions like this cause water to get between the golf club and the ball which will take spin off of the ball.  This means the ball will curve less and not carry as far, reacting much like a “knuckleball” does in baseball. 

Soft Ground:  The firm turf of August is gone as softer ground conditions usually prevail during fall golf.  The distance the ball carries in the air often becomes the total distance of the shot played.  A golfer who takes this into consideration during club selection will hit more shots the correct distance.  Also it is important to evaluate how soft the ground is under foot, as the likelihood of hitting a shot “fat” increases the softer the ground is.  This happens because a player’s feet will sink during a swing as their weight shifts around and just a little bit of change will cause the club to hit the ground first before the ball.  You can combat this problem if you minimize your body action similar to the way you would while hitting a fairway bunker shot.

Cold Temperatures:  The cold does have an effect on the distance the golf ball will fly.  There can be a 10 to 15 yard difference in flight when a golf shot is hit on a 40 degree day as compared to an 80 degree day.  Also the colder it is the more layers we wear and the less we can coil while making a swing.  This will account for less club head speed and is another factor which will take distance off of a shot.

Leaves:  Keep a good eye on the ball.  The USGA does not recognize the “leaf rule” and a ball lost in the leaves is a ball lost.  When your ball flies off line, try your best to keep track of where it went as it can be very challenging to find golf balls when the leaves begin falling.  You can save time also be following your playing partners’ ball a little more closely.  The more eyes that see where a shot went, the less time it will take to find it and the faster play will move along.

These are just a few hints to make fall golf a little more enjoyable.  It is a great time of the year to play as the course is beautiful and the air is crisp.  Remember, after October 31st, the USGA does not recognize scores for handicapping purposes because of the deteriorating playing conditions and we are essentially practicing for a great 2015.  What a great year we have had!

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