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Albany County Is the official county site. There are pages for departments, the legislature, civil service, etc.

Attorney General, Office of the - This site includes information on a wide variety of subjects, from crime to telecommunications. There are guides for victims of stalkers, information on sex offenders, clinical trials, health care complaints, and much more. In addition they have a library of Opinions rendered on NYS laws and regulations.

Census Bureau -Contains a wealth of statistical information on U.S. demographics. Free access to all of its publications released since January 1996. Includes population, housing, business, manufacturing activity, trade and government. Site offers links to other data centers.

County and City Data Book
The library has the print version but selections from the book are also available here

Committee on Open Government. Dept. of State. New York.
If you have questions about getting access to government information that falls under either the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) or the Open Meetings Law, check out this site. It includes publications, laws, and answers to frequently asked questions. And, perhaps just as important there is an e-mail link and phone number to the office. The staff there invite anyone to call for advice.

Contact Information For U.S Congressmen -

Dept. of Commerce Your can find a number of links here, most notably they have the Federal Budget back to 1998. They also have a link to the White House page ( which has historical perspective on the budget generally going back to the 1940's.

E-Mail Addresses for U.S. Senators-

FedWorld - -A good search tool for federal government information.

FBI Home Page -Includes the famous "Ten Most Wanted List" and information on current major investigations. Information on crime statistics, the FBI history, and current press releases.

Government Online A very complete site for locating government information. It also includes social services sites, libraries, historical documents, arts and humanities, justice, military, travel, and more.

GPO Access Databases - -Provides access to online databases of the federal budget, the Code of Federal Regulations, Congressional bills , documents and reports, Congressional Record, Federal Register, U.S. Code, GAO reports, and the Economic Report of the President.

Legislative Gazette
Published under the auspices of the Research Foundation of the State University of New York it covers a broad range of legislative and political topics.

New York State Archives - The New York State Archives is the official repository of New York State Government records having permanent legal and historical value. Their Web site offers access to archival information and a virtual tour of NY State government, people, culture, and economy.

New York State Department of Labor
An important statistical site for labor statistics and job information. The site is useful to both businesses and employees. There are forms, regulations, education, and training information. Statistics can also be pulled out by areas in the state.

New York State Assembly The official home page of the NYS Assembly including: Legislative Reports, The Legislative Process, Assembly Member Directory, Pictorial Tour of the New York State Capitol, and current Press Releases.

New York State Board of Elections An excellent site for finding local representatives, district maps, election law, enrollments, presidential primary information, etc.

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
No more waiting in line to take care of your motor vehicle problems. This site offers answers to your questions, allows you to download forms, provides online registration, and much more.

New York State Government Information Locator -Single point of access to information provided by N.Y. State government agencies, the State Legislature and the Judiciary.

The New York State Department of Financial Services The New York State Department of Financial Services, created by combining the New York State Banking and Insurance Departments aims to modernize regulatory oversight of the financial services industry. Superintendent Lawsky’s key objectives for the new Department are enhancing New York’s status as the world’s financial center, vigorously protecting consumers, and preventing systemic risk. 

NYSED State Library Selected Election Web Sites
The websites on the list below cover federal, state, and local representatives; New York State newspapers; political and citizen groups; New York-based public opinion polls; and voter registration information.  Many other sources can be identified by using the New York State Library online catalog or by accessing the NOVELNY databases, which are available to New York State residents.

New York State Senate Home Page Provides information on Senate member and their histories, offices; bills introduced , passed and signed into law or vetoed; general info on the NYS Senate. For those who do not know who their Senator is can find out by using their zip code. Also provides a gopher menu to search or view New York Legislative Bills, New York Legislative Resolutions, New York State Statutes, New York State Constitution, New York State Chapters, and New York State Vetoes.

New York State Public Phone Directory:
You can search by person or browse by agency. One link includes all New York State employees. Another link allows browsing by functional topic.

Office Of Homeland Security - - Website of the Homeland Security Office whose responsibility is to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats or attacks.

SearchGov - for links to government on the Web. Includes Executive and Independent Agencies and Local and State Government.

Search Systems: Public Information
This site is information rich. Interested in knowing the assessed value of a property in the area? Check out the New York County section. Want to check out a charitable organization? This is covered here. Worries about paroled inmates? Here too. How about a licence for an architect or other professional. Also here. Actually the site does not have everything -- but it has a lot.

State and Local Government on the Net -Guide to government-sponsored Internet sites. Arranged by state. Includes multi-state organizations.

U.S. Internal Revenue Service -Tax laws and regulations, tax forms and publications, tax statistics, tax help, electronic services information.

University of Michigan Documents Center
Access a broad range of government statistical data here. Access has been set up by both major categories, minor categories as well as a Google search. Topics range from abortion to world governments.

Welcome to New York -Official New York State government Web site. Offers access to the Governor’s budget and speeches, "I Love New York" tourism info, and state education and economic development projects.

The White House -Features virtual White House tours, biographies and email addresses for President and Vice President. Provides full text of selected Presidential speeches, current press releases, a kid’s White House page, plus links to current U.S. statistical data.

Law Resources

American Bar Association Law Information Site provides legal information on credit, financing, wills, estates, taxes, family law, family health, domestic violence, and much more. Just about every legal category of information is covered. For example if you have a problem with on-line shopping, there is a checklist of how to proceed.

CourtHelp - - An excellent site created by the Unified Court System to help people understand and use the courts. There is a nice collection of forms as well as a lot of helpful information.

FindLaw -Internet directory for legal resources set up like the popular search directory Yahoo. From here you can find both US and international law.

FindLaw Forms - - At this site, visitors can access over 8,000 forms from United States federal and state courts for free from one easy-to-use location.

FindLaw Constitutional Law Center at - - an educational resource site dedicated to the United States Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court. Designed with students and the general public in mind, the FindLaw Constitutional
Law Center features an easy-to-read guide that leads visitors through historical
documents, biographies, and Supreme Court decisions. Users can browse through the Federalist Papers, read the Constitution, or research the lives of the Founding Fathers or past and present Supreme Court Justices. -
This site is promoted by the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York, cin. to serve low-income people by providing a source of legal counsel and information. It has help on a variety of topics and contacts for those areas. Many of the pamphlets are available in other languages.

Lawyer Locator (Martindale-Hubbell) -Law Directory which provides access to comprehensive listings of 900,000 lawyers and law firms around the world.

New York Courts and Law Guide by West Group this site provides news, decisions, rules, a consumer law guide and more.

New York State Code
Here you can browse the laws of New York by subject.

NY Department of State-Division of Administrative Rules This site is powered by Thomson West and provides free access to an unannotated version of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR). The on-line version of the NYCRR is intended to provide the public with free access to the rules and regulations of New York State agencies. It is intended for informational purposes only.

NY Division of Local Government
From this site you can download publiscations on a variety of topics such as how to adopt local laws, how to conduct meetings and hearings, and the Gudie to Planning and Zoning Laws of New York State.

New State Attorney General -- Resource Center
This Website contains the Opinions of the Attorney General issued since 1995. Opinions are issued in response to requests by state agency officials and local government attorneys. The opinions fall into two broad categories, formal and informal opinions. Formal opinions are those issued to state departments and agencies. They are denominated "formal" because the Attorney General signs them as chief legal officer of the State. Informal opinions are issued to local governments at the request of the attorney for the local government, who is the municipality's chief legal officer. Opinions issued to the municipal attorney are denominated "informal" because it is ultimately the responsibility of the municipal attorney to provide advice to the local government.

New York State Unified Court System -
Here you can all court of appeals case decisions back to 2003. You can also find Supreme Court Civil and Criminal decisions, dating back to 2001.

Nolo Legal Encyclopedia -Brief advice on 15 legal topics including small business, patent, copyright & trademark, real estate and will & estate planning law. Annotated links are provided for further information on each topic.

U.S. Constitution
This site includes not only all the text and amendments but also what they call cornerstone documents and constitutional interpretation.

US Government Printing Office Browse a variety of federal Documents including the US Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Congressional Record, and much more.

Westlaw New York Codes, Rules and Regulations
This site is powered by Thomson West and provides free access to an unannotated version of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR). The on-line version of the NYCRR is intended to provide the public with free access to the rules and regulations of New York State agencies. It is intended for informational purposes only.

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