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Fun Food Facts:

  • Americans eat more fish then ever, approximately 18 pounds per person in 1990.
  • What's for breakfast? U.S. bagel sales in the have increased 500% since 1995.
  • Gum is an ancient human treat. Tar with tooth marks has been found from 7000 BC
  • White chocolate is not really chocolate at all but a combination of cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids and flavorings.
  • Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries
  • Bakers used to be fined if their loaves were under weight, so they used to add an extra loaf to every dozen, just in case -- hence, the expression "baker's dozen"
  • The Average Person Eats Almost 1500 Pounds Of Food A Year! On average, that can be thought of as 150 pounds of meat, 290 pounds of milk and cream, 35 pounds of eggs, 48 pounds of chicken, 68 pounds of bread, 125 pounds of potatoes, and 80 pounds of fruit. That should be enough to fill your stomach.

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The WebTender - - Recipes for over 2,500 cocktails online, a bartenders handbook, and a bartending forum to share ideas and recipes with others. -
Comprehensive information and tasting notes on wine, beer, and distilled spirits by the Beverage Tasting Institute. Over 30,000 tasting notes on wines are searchable by score, price range, varietal, and producer or brand. The best producers are listed by varietal. The site also includes a directory of wine stores and wineries, as well as a wine tutorial and dictionary. Beers and distilled spirits are also reviewed.

The Brewery: Total Home Brewing Information - A recipe database, articles about home brewing, related Internet links, supplier lists and discussion groups about making your own beer.

The Real Beer Page
This amazing site, coming in at over 75,000 pages, is the ultimate online resource for beer lovers and homebrewers. Among its many offerings are breaking beer news, spotlight features, an events calendar, a searchable brewery and pub with over 3,500 entries, a searchable library with original publications and a host of links to related online offerings , a BREWMall with retail items, and a collection of classified beer and brewing links.

The Wine Lovers' Page -
The title says it all: tasting notes on 50,000 wines;articles about the basics of wine; a wine pronouncing glossary and wine tasting dictionary; a chat room; wine quotes; recommended books and links; vintage charts; even wine country weather and wine cartoons, and much, much more. Searchable.


All Recipes - -This site specializes in cookie recipes (over 2,000) but also has many, many links to recipes for appetizers, BBQ, condiments, salads, side dishes, main dishes vegetarian dishes and much more. -
This cooking web page offers a selection of some of the most coherent and organized recipes, accompanied by impressive photographs. There are over 2,500 recipes available.

Culinary Institute of America - -Homepage for this prestigious culinary school. Includes information about taking courses and making reservations for meals.

Epicurious -
This web page offers more than 12,000 user-reviewed food recipes from the pages of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines as well as a database of approximately 15,000 wines.

Food Network -
With over 44 million pages viewed each month, the Food Network's web page is undoubtedly one of the most popular and comprehensive cooking web sites on the Internet. There are over 15,000 recipes (novice to gourmet) that have been previously highlighted on the food network shows. Searching is available by chef, cuisine or ingredient. Video Demonstrations may be viewed at no charge, which give visual guidance on food preparation. There is also a fat and calorie calculator that can be used to look up nutritional information for different foods.

International Vegetarian Union -
This one-stop resource for vegetarians and vegans provides a global directory of vegetarian societies,recipes, and multi-language articles on the history, science, and religious aspects of vegetarianism. There are also youth pages, a section on famous vegetarians (with selected quotations and poetry), a discussion forum, and information about world vegetarian congresses since 1908.

Martha -
Need I say more? Martha Stewart is the quintessential hostess, offering tidbits of her seemingly unlimited knowledge about entertaining, food, crafts, weddings, etc.

Recipe Source -
Formerly known as SOAR (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes), this site offers access to over 70,000 international recipes.

Soup of the Evening...Beautiful Soup -
Soups, as you have never heard them described or categorized. This searchable site contains "the history of soup and food in all cultures, with over 400 pages of recipes, quotations, stories, traditions, literary references, breaking news stories, and original illustrations." Recipes are listed by atypical categories, unusual food combinations, and primary ingredients. Individuals can submit their own recipes and food tales to the site.

Restaurant Reviews

Epicurious Food -Click here for everything related to fine food including restaurant reviews.

Fodor's Restaurant Index -Expert reviews of restaurants in more than 70 cities worldwide. Search by name or other criteria.

Times Union Restaurant Reviews - - A nice collection of reviews for local restaurants.

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