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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: What is a digital library?

Answer: A collection of digital objects intended for a specific audience, freely accessible and that contain objects that are well-managed and persist over time1.

2. Question: How were the cemeteries selected for inclusion in the collection?

Answer: The cemeteries included in the collection are those that are smaller, specific to certain family(ies), publically accessible, and are in the greater Colonie area.

3. Question: Will the collection be updated?

Answer: New cemeteries may be added to the collection periodically and new materials will certainly be added to the existing cemeteries as well. There are many photographs taken by R. Arthur Johnson that are not currently in the collection, but could be added.

4. Question: Can the documents and photographs be downloaded by users?

Answer: All materials may be downloaded for personal use, however, the materials are copyrighted by the late R. Arthur Johnson and the Town of Colonie. Consequently, they may not be distributed or otherwise used in commercial enterprises.

5. Question: What do I need to view the materials?

Answer: For the documents in PDF format, Adobe Reader is needed. This is a free program that can be downloaded on the Adobe website. However, most computers already have this program installed.

6. Question: How do I download the images?

Answer: You can just right-click over the image, select "Save picture as...", and press the "Save" button to download to your computer. At this point, you can just double-click the file and it will open in the image viewer native to your computer.

1. Schwartz, Candy. "Digital Libraries: An Overview". The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Volume 26: 6, pp. 385.