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Colonie-Area Cemetery Digital Collection

This collection of digital materials features smaller, local Colonie-area cemeteries. These cemeteries are usually centered around one or a small group of families on land originally owned by them. The general timeframe of the burials in these cemeteries ranges from the late 1700s until the early 1900s. Some of the earlier graves were for individuals involved in or touched by the Revolutionary War.

The collection itself is composed of documents and photographs created by the late R. Arthur Johnson throughout the 1970s. Johnson was a retired planning engineer for the New York Telephone Co. and a member of the Colonie Historical Society1.

Johnson's documents detail significant aspects of each cemetery's history including specific graves, property ownership, and family/local history. The black and white photographs he took capture images of individual graves and the cemeteries as they looked during the 1970s. Please note though, that due to age, some of the documents and photographs provided in this collection are not up to their original quality levels.

Sadly, during the time Johnson collected the information, many of these cemeteries had been neglected and in need of significant restoration. However, today, with the exception of the Witbeck cemetery, all have been restored and some marked as historical sites by the town.

The cemeteries that are included in the initial collection are:

For further information on the materials in this collection, please contact Anne Stutzman, William K. Sanford Library Access Services and Interlibrary Loan Librarian, or Kevin Franklin, Town of Colonie Historian.

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