Maybee Farm

Town of Colonie Historical Society

In a storybook setting of productive fields and a matchless Mohawk River landscape sits the Jan Mabee Farm - the oldest in the Mohawk Valley. The stone house was owned by the same family for nearly 300 years. Some headstones in the family gravesite pre date the Revolution. Coupled with the Inn and Slave Quarters building, the site provides a memorable visual encounter with a former frontier outpost.

Now under the wing of the Schenectady Historical Society (SCHS), which took over stewardship of the property in 1993, the Farm serves as an educational resource. Programs and activities at the Farm demonstrate the traditional values of rural life; the way a household was run, farming methods, and Colonial life. Rotating exhibits feature the 1000+ artifacts, which were donated to the SCHS along the Farm. The Farm's longevity makes it a prime example of the economic and social changes associated with wars, the construction of the Erie Canal and the advent of the railroad.


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