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DPW Division of Highway Responsibilities

DPW- Highway SealWe are responsible for maintaining approximately 310 centerline miles of Town roads which equates to 1,153 town owned roads. These responsibilities include snow removal and ice control, paving and the maintenance of roads, signage, roadway markings, drainage, tree and brush cutting and removal within the Town's right of way, and the disposal of non-domestic dead animals. The Division is also responsible for the maintenance of approximately 36 miles of sidewalk.

One of the Division's major responsibilities during the upcoming winter season is to keep the Town roads clear of snow and ice. We utilize our own work force and outside contractors to accomplish this task. We also ask the cooperation of Town residents in keeping the roads clear of vehicles and portable basketball hoops in order to do the best job possible while plowing and sanding. Also please note that no snow from a driveway or parking lot should be deposited on a town road.

The Division is also responsible for collecting holiday trees. The trees will be collected, weather permitting, from January 2nd until all trees have been picked up, but no later than the last Friday in February. The Department requests that the trees be stripped of all decorations, left to the side of the road and not in plastic wrap. This service does not include wreaths or any other holiday decorations.

Available Residential Services Through DPW Division of Highway

The Division offers our residents rental of a 12 yard capacity dumpster for disposal purposes for approximately a 48 hour period or a weekend, depending on availability. An informational sheet is attached with regulations and restrictions to this service. This service can be utilized for residential homeowners use and can not be used for commercial purposes, such as work being done by contractors. The current fee is $200.00 plus a $50.00 refundable deposit which will be returned if no restricted materials are found in the dumpster. You may pay by personal check or money order. The program runs from April through December, weather permitting, and does require you to come into the office to complete paperwork. We also currently offer screened millings and crushed rubble for $6.00 per cubic yard when quantities allow.

Road Work Permit Requirements

Requests for excavating into a Town road require a Highway Permit. Currently the charge is $500.00 for the first 25 feet of excavation and $20.00 per foot for additional footage. When the road is restored to the Highway Superintendent's satisfaction, a refund is granted, less a $100.00 permit fee. This program also requires you to come into the office to complete paperwork. In addition, a Town of Colonie Highway and Drainage Standards book can be purchased for a fee of $10.00. This book provides important information on our Highway and Drainage standards and procedures for existing and future development.

Snow Removal

As winter comes to a close, the Town's Department of Public Works (DPW), Division of Highways, is still out there working to keep our roads clear so you and your family can travel to your chosen destination safely and without major delay.

Snow removal in the Town is of utmost importance to Town officials. As mandated by Section 140 of the Highway Law, it is our policy in the Town to have streets clean of snow as soon as possible. The Town, in performing this service to its residents, attempts to handle matters professionally, competently, and quickly. It must be remembered that this is no small task since we have 310 center-line miles (meaning 620 true centerline miles) of roadways in the Town.

To provide you with the best service, the DPW, Division of Highways, would like to remind you that it needs your full cooperation.

For example, a problem often times occurs when Town residents leave their vehicles in the Town streets. This hinders our snowplowing operation. It would assist us if you make sure your vehicle is in your driveway, and not in the street, when a storm begins.

Please note that when a parked vehicle blocks a street so our snowplows cannot pass, we have no other option than to summon a police car to assist us in having the vehicle moved or towed. If it is towed, the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for towing charges.

This is a request by the Superintendent of Highways and by the operators of the snowplows. Please give us a hand by keeping your vehicles off the streets from the start to the end of a snow storm.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and if you should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the DPW, Division of Highways, at 783-2795.

2015 Paving Program

Watervliet Shaker Road          is scheduled to be milled by Peckham Road Corp. the week of May 18th

Whitehall Place                          is scheduled to be milled by Peckham Road Corp. the week of May 18th

Huntington Drive Cul de Sac is scheduled to be milled by Peckham Road Corp. the week of May 18th

Girard Court                                is scheduled to be milled by Peckham Road Corp. the week of May 18th

Coronet Court                            is scheduled to be milled by Peckham Road Corp. the week of May 18th

Richie Road                                  is scheduled to be milled by Peckham Road Corp. the week of May 18th







2015 Crack Sealing Program



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you please tell me where the DPW Division of Highway is located ?

The Division is located in The Public Operations Center Building at 347 Old Niskayuna Road, at the corner of Wade Road and Old Niskayuna Road in Latham. Our office is located on the 1st floor at the southern end of the building.

2. Can you please tell me when my street will be resurfaced?

The DPW Division of Highways has a yearly paving program in the Town of Colonie based on a Pavement Evaluation Scoring System developed several years ago for municipalities whereby each Town road is given a score from 1 to 10 based on the pavement condition. A score of 10 indicates a newly paved road whereas a score of 1 would indicate that the road was not passable by a vehicle. Fortunately, in the Town of Colonie, our lowest rated roads are a condition 5 and these roads become a priority for the Paving Program on a yearly basis within the confines of our budget allocation. We can always tell you if your street will or will not be paved in the current calendar year and we can usually project to the next calendar year whether your street is scheduled to be paved.

3. I have a drainage problem, can you help me?

The DPW Division of Highways maintains drainage on Town owned public roads, on Town owned property and within areas where the Town of Colonie has an easement for the maintenance of drainage systems. The Division will provide maintenance in these public areas, however, the Division can not legally provide drainage maintenance on private property. The Department of Public Works will assist property owners in the determination of public or private ownership and maintenance responsibilities, and or possible solutions.

4. Can I have information about your Dumpster program and availability?

The Division offers rental of a 12 yard dumpster for residential use for disposal purposes for approximately a 48 hour period, or a weekend, depending on availability. The cost of this service is $250.00 and there are 5 dumpsters available to be delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is necessary to come into the office in order to schedule a date. PLEASE NOTE: This service is not available during winter maintenence months.

5. Can you tell me when my leaf and brush pickup day is?

The DPW Division of Highway oversees the leaf and brush pick-up program.  Pick-up is scheduled based on your Fire District.  You can contact the Department of Public Works Leaf Pick-up line at 783-LEAF if you have any questions or concerns.

How to Contact the DPW Division of Highway

The Town of Colonie DPW Division of Highway is located on the lower level of the Public Operations Building. Our hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Mailing Address
Public Operations Center Building
347 Old Niskayuna Road
Latham, New York 12110

Phone Number
(518) 783-2795
If calling off-hours for an emergency, please call the Police Department at 783-2744.


Fax Number
(518) 783-2860