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Civil Service Latham Water Tax


Planning and Economic Development Facility Use Requests

Attorney's Office

Building Department
    Freedom of Information Request

        Billboard Permit Application
        Zoning Verification for Billboard

    Cell Towers
        Wireless Telecommunications Special Use Application

        Instructions for Tenant Change and Remodeling
        Instructions for Commercial and Building Projects
        Zoning Verification
        Building Permit Application Page 1 & Building Permit Application Page 2
        Demolition Permit Procedures

 Fee Schedules
         2016 Permit Fee Schedule

   Architect Papers
            Building Construction Law Inspection
            Signature Form
            Review of Plans Form
            Instructions for Tenant Change

        Instructions for Building Permit
        Procedure for Obtaining Building/Zoning Permit
        Application for Zoning Verification/Build/Zoning  
        Residential Subdivision
        Vacant Property Registration Form
        Smoke Detector Form

    Residential Permit Aids
        Span Chart A & B
        Deck Plan
        Accessory Structure
        Shed Structures
        Procedure Pool Permit
        Pool Notice

    Signs and Review Board
        Sign Permit Application and Instructions
        Information for Appeals and Exception
        Application for Special Exception

    Zoning Board of Appeals
        Special Use Permit Application
        Instructions for Appeals and Procedures for a Variance & Appeals Letter to Applicant
        Letter From Zoning Board of Appeals
        Application for a Variance
        Short Environmental Assessment Form
        Please read:

Civil Service
    General Information

    Explorer Post #143
    Volunteer Application for Town EMS
    Release Liability for Observers
    Information Form for Lifeguard Air Rescue

Environmental Services
    Application for Solid Waste Collection License
    Town/Industrial Petroleum Waste Tracking

Facility Use Requests

Town Hall Facility Use Request Form
Public Ops Facility Use Request Form
Community Center Facility Use Request Form

    Application for Information
    NYS Police or CPD Application Waiver Traffic Infractions
    A Guide to Small Claims Court

Latham Water Department
    Water System Installation Certification
    Site Plan Checklist
    Subdivision Review Checklist
   Water Permit Application

Planning and Economic Development

Please find all Planning and Economic Development Forms here.

Please read:

Police Department
    Home Security Survey

Senior Resources
    Appointing Your Health Care Agent: New York State's
    Proxy Law Frequently Asked Questions Health Care Proxy Instructions
    Health Care Proxy Form
    New York Living Will

    Request for Mailing of Duplicate Tax Bills
    Statement of Unpaid Taxes to a 3rd Party