Town Landfill
The Town is currently operating within Landfill Area #5 and Phase 1 of Landfill Area #6. This landfill area has been designed and constructed to exceed the minimum New York State Regulatory Standards to ensure the effective management of the wastes accepted for disposal and to protect the public and areas surrounding environment. The liner system used in Area #6 includes two 60 mil. High Density Polyethylene liners, two low permeability clay layers, two high permeable soil or synthetic drainage layers and a series of leachate collection piping. The landfill is designed and operated to effectively control the non-hazardous solid wastes and protect the public health and environment from being adversely impacted by the disposal of wastes. The town is committed to assuring that the Town Solid Waste Management Facility is available to provide a long term, cost competitive and stable solid waste management and disposal system for our residents and businesses. For example, the Town Landfill is permitted to accept 170,500 tons of solid waste per year. This quantity was selected because it represents approximately the quality of non-hazardous solid waste that is generated annually by the residents and businesses within the Town

The Town's solid waste management system does not require any waste generator to bring solid wastes to the Town's Solid Waste Management Facility but rather the Town's solid waste facilities participate as options that are available to waste generators if they choose to meet our waste management requirements. In this way the waste generators are able to comparison shop their waste disposal needs and to select the waste management system that best meets their needs and it requires that the Town's solid waste management facilities operate in a cost competitive manner. The Town therefore uses the facility rate schedule to manage the quantity of material that is accepted at the facility. Raising the rates in comparison to the market rates to differ wastes or or lowering the rates to attract wastes, we can assure that, regardless of where the wastes are generated, the Town Landfill facility will not prematurely fill and close.

Landfill Gas Recovery System
The decomposition of the organic materials within the wastes within the landfill generates gases and liquids which are collected and treated in a landfill gas to electric or wastewater treatment facility.The landfill gas collection system is comprised of a series of gas extraction wells and gas collection pipe trenches which remove the decomposition gases from the landfill and direct the gases to a 4.0 MW electric generation facility. The Town uses an active (vacuum) collection system to pull the landfill gas out of the collection system. This system covers the entire closed portion of the landfill that is producing significant quantity of landfill gas.

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