News From the Town of Colonie

Paula A. Mahan
Town Supervisor

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Supervisor Mahan would like all residents to know that the Town's Emergency Operations Center is going to be opened and remain open as long as there are hazardous conditions within the Town of Colonie as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Personnel from all the Emergency Services agencies and the Department of Public Works will be monitoring conditions and assisting with clean up.

The Red Cross has made arrangements for an Emergency Shelter at the Light of the World Christian Church at 28 Sparrowbush Road in Latham and Calvary Baptist Church at 12 Launfal Street in Albany should any residents have the need. Should additional shelters be needed we will advise residents of the location.

Conditions are expected to deteriorate during the afternoon and evening. The main concern at this time is high winds. Residents are urged to avoid areas where tree limbs are down as live wires could be hidden in the trees. Windblown debris is also very dangerous in these types of storms. Rainfall of 1-3 inches is likely and poor drainage flooding is a concern. We urge all residents to use extreme caution, avoid unnecessary travel during the storm and immediately after in order to allow emergency crews to get to residents that need help and to allow our crews to clean up.

Listen to local media for any additional information regarding the storm and for information specific to Town of Colonie residents.