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The Colonie Police Department has a "Housecheck" program. When you go on vacation or otherwise leave your house unoccupied for a period of time you call the police station at 518-783-2744 to have your house put on the list, or you can use our on line form and fill out the information yourself.The department will need the exact dates you will be away and the name of a person with a key we can call in case of problems. Sorry this is for Colonie residents only.

Tips for Protecting Your Children:

For Parents:

For Kids:

For more information on programs to make you, your children, your home, or your business safer, contact the Colonie Police Community Services Unit at 518-782-2662.

Personal Protection for Women

Remember these tips when in public places like shopping malls and stores:

When walking to your car:

When in doubt, call the police or contact mall security officers!

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Safety

To prevent robbery while using an ATM, consider the following tips:

What to do if You are the Victim of a Crime

Assault and Harassment

Any time a person is involved in a confrontation, emotions run high. Seek a safe place and contact the Police Department immediately. Safety and medical attention for any injuries sustained are the first priority. If you would like to contact the Police Department about pressing charges for the injuries you have sustained, remember the following points:

Aggravated Harassment

Aggravated Harassment is the penal law term for crimes which use electronic means to annoy, alarm, or harass another. The most common form of Aggravated Harassment is the annoying phone call. Most annoying or threatening phone calls do not result in violence. Many are random pranks. If you are concerned about these phone calls there are several steps you can take to increase the chance of apprehending the person making the calls. These include:

You may contact the Police Department any time you are concerned or feel unsafe. Following the instructions above will help achieve a quick resolution to your case.

Crimes Involving Theft (larceny, burglary)

Prevention tip:

Record the serial numbers of other valuable possessions for future reference. Use a video camera to inventory personal items. Store the tape away from the home (in a safe deposit box). The tape will also be valuable for insurance purposes in the event of fire.

The Community Services Unit is responsible for presenting Crime Prevention information to citizens and business persons in Colonie. For program titles see the Community Services Unit page.