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Communication PositionCommunications is responsible for all public safety communications in the Town of Colonie.  It is a 24-hour operation and is staffed by a Public Safety Communications Supervisor, five Senior Dispatchers, and 22 full-time Public Safety Dispatchers.  Communications receives requests and information that must be processed and prioritized, then dispatch Police, Fire and Emergency Medical units via a computer aided dispatch system.  Utilizing a Motorola Astro 25 Digital Radio System, the Town of Colonie has one of the most advanced two-way public safety and public service radio systems in the area.

Starting in 2014, the Town of Colonie, the City of Albany and the Albany County Sheriff’s Department embarked on a shared radio system which will allow the three agencies to communicate with one another at times when needed.  At the same time each agency will be upgraded to the latest digital radio system that Motorola has to offer its customers.  The Town of Colonie and City of Albany systems will be completed in 2015 and the Albany County System will be completed in early 2016.  The yearly maintenance agreements will decrease substantially for all agencies once the warranty period ends in 2017.

All Public Safety Dispatchers undergo extensive, hands on training which includes cardio pulmonary resuscitation (which is updated every two years), National Incident Management System (NIMS) certification and Emergency Medical Dispatch training, which allows dispatchers to give medical instructions to callers reporting EMS emergencies.

The Communications Division is one of six E-911 answering points in Albany County answering both land line and wireless 911 calls for service as well as several other administrative lines.