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Communication PositionThe Communications Division handles all incoming calls to the police department and routes them to the appropriate emergency service agency. This division dispatches all police, fire, and emergency medical service agencies within the Town and operates the Regional Medical Alert Center (REMAC) which coordinates communication between paramedics and hospital physicians within a 5 county area.

Once called dispatchers, the personnel that staff the Communications Division are now referred to as Telecommunicators because of the varied tasks they perform. In addition to the dispatch of emergency units, Telecommunicators also:

The communications division is staffed by two co-directors, five Senior Dispatchers, and 22 full-time Public Safety Dispatchers.

For routine questions and problems, which the Telecommunicators are skilled at answering as well, call the Police Information Desk at 783-2744.


CommunicationsWhen you dial "911" from any phone in Colonie, the call will be routed directly to the Communications Center where the Telecommunicators will determine the nature of the call and send immediate help to your location. "Enhanced" 911 means that when you call 911, the address you are calling from is automatically displayed on the Telecommunicator's screen. This is crucial in the event a person becomes unconscious before giving the location, or a crime in progress prevents the caller from giving the address.

Remember, use 911 only for emergencies!

Mobile Data Terminals

Mobile Data TerminalsColonie Police cars are equipped with notebook computers. These computers increase the efficiency of dispatch and allow officers in the field to routinely check information such as driver's licenses, registrations, missing and wanted persons inquiries, and more which in the past could only be done via radio. Using computers for dispatching routine calls also frees up radio time for urgent transmissions. This is a cooperative program with Albany County E-911.