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DVD requests | PIN Number Problems

To Search The Web Catalog:

When you visit the Web Catalog, a drop-down box allows you to choose the member library whose holdings you wish to search. After choosing, click BEGIN. You will then be taken to the Search page. Begin your search or, if you wish, the system will allow you
to check your account. Information about items you have checked out, due dates of those items, how much money you may owe in fines, as well as a list of items you may have placed on reserve are all available by choosing MY ACCOUNT. If you wish to renew items, you are offered that option as well. When you choose the MY ACCOUNT tab at the top of the screen, you will be prompted for a Borrower ID number (your library card number - use all digits - and $ sign if it is present - but do not use letters,) and a PIN number (the last 4 digits of your home phone number.) To reserve an item, choose the REQUEST FIRST AVAILABLE COPY box. You will then need to enter your ID and PIN numbers.
To renew, first click on "ITEMS OUT" then, put a check in the box on the left of items that are renewable and then click on RENEW ITEMS at the bottom of the page. Please note that some items may NOT be renewable. If you have questions, please call the circulation department at 458-9274.

To search for an item, choose the SEARCH tab. Once you find the item you want, you will have the option of requesting the title. To enter a request, you will again be prompted to enter your borrower number and PIN number. Please note that you may also choose to pick up the item at any of the member libraries.

To change or update the method by which the library will contact you about requested and overdue items (e-mail, or automated phone) choose the MY ACCOUNT tab, then choose the PROFILE tab, or just click here.

To change your PIN number, choose the MY ACCOUNT tab, then choose the PROFILE tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Problems with DVD
Lending policies within the Upper Hudson system vary from library to library, which may cause some confusion when trying to submit requests via the online catalog. Some libraries in the system have made certain portions of their DVD collections non-requestable. For instance, we will allow requests on non-fiction DVDs, but feature films may not be requested. Another library may own a particular title and will allow it to be requested, but will not send it to pur library for pick up.

We are in the process of trying to simplify the system, to make the rules much more uniform between libraries. For now, the best solution if we own the item, and if it's available, is for you to call our information desk at 458-9274 and ask that they hold the item for you to pick up.

PIN Number Problems
Your PIN number is the last 4 digits of your home phones number. Occasionally we have the wrong number on record for you and need to reset it. If your PIN does not allow you access to the online catalog, please call our Circulation Department at 458-9274.

If find you have problems with this service, please contact Cindy Seim or Debbie LaRose, Heads of Circulation by e-mail or by phone at 458-9274.

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